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Flag of Fredom Productions (FFP) is a small indie label established in 1999 in Berkeley, California, and has recently moved to the Pacific Northwest. Its purpose is to produce and promote Amazigh (Berber) music of  North Africa in general and Kabyle Folk songs of Algeria in particular, as well as to raise awarness about the ancient  first inhabitants of  that region. 

FFP is a self - run label by singer songwriter, Moh Alileche ( ali-LESH), who has been promoting his culture in the U.S for over 25 years. 

Five commercially produced CDs have been released (with English liner notes) and physically distributed in the United States, by City Hall Records and available online worldwide.



Samples from the first 4 CDs can be found here:





News: 10/27/2017

,                                                          More evidence about the origins of Guanches of the Canary Islands.


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