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"Hope" / Assirem (2005) from the CD North Africa's Destiny?

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Below is the first review by Banning Eyre

With the soul and spirit of Algeria’s mountainous region of Kabylia, Moh Alileche has been promoting Amazigh (Berber) culture since the early nineties from the West Coast. His fifth CD release finds him more politically engaged and musically forceful than ever. Alileche brings rock ‘n’ roll energy and commitment to his traditional ensemble. Track after track, Alileche’s silken voice bears the raspy edge of hard experience and hard-earned moral authority as he addresses deep matters of invasion, repression, human love and the tumultuous changes sweeping North Africa. “It started in Tunisia” he sings in one trenchant track.

Banning Eyre, senior Editor for

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Also available/disponible chez les Editions Berberes, Paris 14eme.

Telephone: 01-45-45-72-44

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All Moh's first four CD's are distributed in the U.S. by City Hall Records and available for purchase on major online distributors and in the following states:
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Arizona-Virgin/Music Warehouse/Super D/Norwalk/Best Buy
British Columbia-(Canada) Tower/Hear Music/Amazon/Silver Platters
California (Southern)-Virgin/Music Warehouse/Super D/Norwalk/Best Buy
California (Northern)-Amoeba/Rasputin/Tower/Best Buy/Down Home Music
Florida-AEC/Barnes & Noble/Circuit City/Best Buy
Georgia-AEC/Barnes & Noble/Circuit City/Best Buy
Louisiana-AEC/Barnes & Noble/Circuit City/Best Buy
Maryland-Tower/Olsson's/Best Buy/Newbury
Massachusetts-Towers/Olsson's/Best Buy/Newbury
Minnesota-Borders/Tower/Music Warehouse
Nevada-Virgin/Music Warehouse/Super D/Norwalk/Best Buy
New York-Tower/Baker & Taylor/Best Buy/Virgin/Bull Moose
Oregon-Tower/Baker & Taylor/Best Buy/Virgin/Bull Moose
Pennsylvania-Tower/Olsson's/Best Buy/Newbury
Tennessee-AEC/Barnes & Noble/Circuit City/Best Buy
Texas-AEC/Barnes & Noble/Circuit City/Best Buy
Virginia-Tower/Olsson's/Best Buy/Newbury
Washington-Tower/Hear Music/ Platters
Washington DC-Tower/Olsson's/Best Buy/Newbury

"Tragedy"/ Tawaghit, "Source Of Water"/Taawit & "North Africa's Destiny?"/Tarwa N ' Tmazgha, are available / DISPONIBLE CHEZ LES EDITIONS
Editions Berberes
75014 Paris.
Telephone: 1-45-43-31-44

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