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Moh Alileche was born in, 1959 in Kabylia, a mountainous region of northern Algeria. He moved to California in 1990. He plays traditional Algerian Amazigh music, singing in his native Tamazight language, and incorporating the use of instruments common to North Africa, namely the mandol and bendir. Alileche's music also highlights the need for conscientious resistance to authoritarian regimes that undermine human rights. Many themes in his music focus upon the importance of Love, Freedom, Truth, and Justice, in order to be triumphant over human suffering, in general. Alileche blends his soulful, emotionally charged, passionate voice to hypnotic rhythms, captivating melodies, and entrancing beats. He has released four albums in the last decade, "Tragedy (Tawaghit)"in 1999, "The Source of Water (Taawit)" in 2002, "North Africa's Destiny? (Tarwa n' Tamazgha)" in 2005, and most recently "In Memory of a Hero" (Ur Ken Tetsu) in 2009. The first and latest CDs were both dedicated to late singer and activist, Lounes Matoub, who was assassinated in Algeria at the age of 42. Indie Acoustic Project chose "North Africa's Destiny?" as the best album in the World Music-Africa category in 2005. Alileche currently lives in Berkeley, where he enjoys playing for various venues in the local music community across California. By: Iysha Givens

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